Academic Year and Exam Schedule for Sindh in 2024


In a recent announcement, the education department of Sindh has unveiled the academic year’s schedule, examination dates, and vacation plans for 2024. These decisions were reached during a sub-committee meeting chaired by the caretaker provincial education minister, Rana Hussain. Here’s what students and educators can expect in the upcoming year:

Academic Year Commencement

The new academic year in schools across Sindh will kick off on April 15, 2024. This date aligns with the previous academic year’s schedule, ensuring continuity in the education system. It provides a clear starting point for students and educators to prepare for the year ahead.

College Academic Year

Colleges in Sindh will commence their academic year slightly later, beginning on August 1, 2024. This staggered start allows colleges to follow their academic calendar while maintaining harmony with the overall education system.

Vacation Schedule

The existing schedule for winter and summer vacations will remain in place, offering students the opportunity to rest and recharge during these breaks. This consistency is vital for students and their families in planning their leisure time.

Examination Dates

For students preparing for matriculation and intermediate exams, the following dates have been set:

  • Matriculation exams are scheduled to take place in the first week of May. This provides a clear timeframe for students to gear up for their assessments.
  • Intermediate exams will commence in the last week of May, offering students ample time for preparation and revision.

Results Announcement

Promptly following the examinations, the results will be announced as follows:

  • The results of matriculation exams are expected to be released by July 31, enabling students to promptly access their performance and make future academic plans.
  • For intermediate exams, the results will be unveiled in the second week of August, allowing students to plan their next steps in education.

Teacher Training

During the summer vacations, a 15-day training session for teachers will be conducted. This demonstrates the commitment to ongoing professional development in the education sector, ensuring that educators are well-equipped to provide quality instruction.

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