Another MiG-27 Down

MiG 27 crash in india - newz.pk

Indian Air Force’s MiG-27 crashes near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

The aircraft was flying on its routine mission when it crashed suddenly.  However, as per TOI, the pilot of this MiG-27 safely ejected after the crash. The aircraft got airborne from Utarlai Air Force base when suddenly it had some “engine problems” which is said to be the reason of this crash.

The initial reports have indicated no loss of any kind of property and life on the ground.

This is to be noted that it is the second Indian jet to crash this month. The other one was MiG-21 being crashed earlier on March 8 when it was on a routine patrol in Rajasthan and a bird hit the plane after take off.

This is he reason that MiG aircraft are known as “flying coffins” in India. Previously on Feb 27, Pakistan had downed two Indian aircraft and one of which was a MiG-21. The Prime Minister of India Nerendra Modi after this was triggered to say that India must had Rafale fighter jets in their IAF to had different results.

As a result of this dog fight between Pakistani JF17 Thunder and MiG-21, an Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan was arrested by Pakistani Armed forces who was later released by the Government of Pakistan as a peace gesture intended to defuse tensions between Pakistan and India.

Despite both countries moving to de-escalate the situation, their respective air forces and armies remain operationally deployed.

Source: Dawn News

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