Combating Congo Fever: Sindh’s Vigilant Response


In a decisive move, Sindh’s health authorities have taken proactive steps to address the recent surge in Congo fever cases. This article delves into the measures being implemented to curb the spread of the disease and ensure public safety.

A Looming Threat: Recent Cases Spark Concern

The recent deaths attributed to Congo fever have raised significant concerns in Sindh. This deadly disease has claimed lives in Balochistan and is threatening to spread further. The provincial health authorities have sprung into action, aiming to prevent its escalation.

Balochistan’s Grim Toll

Karachi has recently witnessed the tragic demise of three individuals from Balochistan, and many others are currently receiving treatment in various hospitals. Alarming statistics from the Balochistan health department reveal that 20 patients have lost their lives this year due to Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF).

Spreading Shadows: Disease in Sindh

Health experts are deeply troubled by the disease’s spread within some areas of Sindh, as infected individuals are being admitted to provincial hospitals. Furthermore, the regular transportation of livestock between regions could potentially exacerbate the risk.

Healthcare Providers Under Strain

A representative from the Sindh Health Department disclosed that more than a dozen healthcare providers are currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the city. This situation raises concerns that the outbreak in Quetta might extend to the bordering districts in Sindh due to continued patient transportation.

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The Livestock Market Challenge

One contributing factor to the outbreak’s severity is the lack of effective preventive measures in livestock markets in Balochistan, resulting in infections among the general public. In response, the caretaker CM of Sindh has issued instructions to bolster surveillance, especially in bordering districts and tehsils adjacent to Balochistan.

Preparing for the Battle

The provincial health department has sounded the alarm, instructing district health officers to be on high alert. Hospitals throughout the province have been directed to establish isolation units to deal with potential cases.

Protective Measures for Healthcare Providers

In a bid to protect healthcare providers on the frontline, health authorities have established a monitoring cell at the director-general’s office. Hospitals have also been mandated to equip healthcare workers with personal protective equipment.

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