Efficient Train Timetable Changes Pakistan Railways Prioritizes Passenger Comfort


Pakistan Railways has recently made significant changes to the timings of two of its passenger trains, the Allama Iqbal Express and the Shaheen Passenger. These adjustments have been implemented with the aim of enhancing public convenience and providing a more efficient and reliable service to passengers.

Allama Iqbal Express

The Allama Iqbal Express, a popular train that connects Karachi Cantt to Sialkot, has undergone timing changes. According to the revised schedule, this train will now depart from Karachi Cantt at 3:30 PM, an hour and fifteen minutes later than its previous departure time of 2:15 PM. The train is scheduled to arrive in Sialkot at 6 PM on the following day. These changes aim to better accommodate passengers and provide a more comfortable travel experience.

Shaheen Passenger

Similarly, the Shaheen Passenger, which operates between Sialkot and Wazirabad, has also seen timing adjustments. Previously, this train would depart from Sialkot at 6 PM. However, with the new schedule in place, it will leave Sialkot at 7 PM and reach Wazirabad at 8:05 PM. These changes aim to streamline the travel experience for passengers using this route.

It’s important to note that these timing changes come as part of Pakistan Railways’ ongoing efforts to improve its services and meet the evolving needs of travelers. Last month, the organization introduced its updated winter timetable, which took effect on October 15. As part of this update, Pakistan Express (45 Up) added a new stop at the Khairpur Railway Station, further expanding its service reach.

Additionally, several temporary stops were made permanent for specific trains, including the Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10 Dn) and the Quetta Express. Passengers traveling on these routes can now enjoy the convenience of stops at the Lodhran Railway Station and the Toba Tek Singh Railway Station, respectively.

These changes reflect Pakistan Railways’ commitment to delivering a more efficient and passenger-friendly rail service. With updated schedules and improved stop options, travelers can expect a more seamless and enjoyable journey when using these train services.

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