Gold Rate in Pakistan on November 7, 2023: 1 Tola, 10 Grams, and More


Discover the latest gold rates in Pakistan on November 7, 2023, including the price of 1 tola and 10 grams. Learn about the factors influencing gold prices and their fluctuations throughout the day.

Gold Rate in Pakistan on November 7, 2023: 1 Tola, 10 Grams, and More

In Pakistan, the gold market has been abuzz with activity, and as of November 7, 2023, here are the latest gold rates you need to know.

Current Gold Prices in Pakistan

  • 1 Tola Gold Price: Rs. 214,400 for 24-karat gold
  • 10 Grams Gold Price: Rs. 183,813
  • 1 Gram Gold Price: Rs. 18,381

These rates are sourced from the Karachi, Multan, and Lahore bullion markets. It’s important to note that gold prices can fluctuate slightly between cities, but the core values are consistent across Pakistan.

Fluctuations Throughout the Day

To give you a comprehensive view of how gold rates have moved throughout the day, here are some key time points and prices in Pakistan Standard Time (PKT):

  • 12:38 AM Night: 1 Tola Gold – PKR 214,610
  • 8:49 AM: 1 Tola Gold – PKR 214,400
  • 10:08 AM: 1 Tola Gold – PKR 214,400
  • 11:50 AM: 1 Tola Gold – PKR 214,400
  • 1:28 PM: 1 Tola Gold – PKR 214,300
  • 3:44 PM: 1 Tola Gold – PKR 213,500

Please be aware that while the gold rate remains relatively consistent across Pakistan, there may be slight variations between cities.

Factors Influencing Gold Prices

Gold rates in Pakistan are influenced by two major factors. First, fluctuations in the exchange rate, particularly the value of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar, can impact gold prices. Second, economic instability in Pakistan can also contribute to price changes. As a result, gold rates in the country can change multiple times within a single day.

The Gold Market in Major Cities

If you’re interested in how gold rates compare across major cities in Pakistan, here’s a snapshot of the 1 Tola Gold Price on November 7, 2023:

  • Karachi: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Lahore: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Islamabad: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Hyderabad: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Multan: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Faisalabad: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Rawalpindi: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400
  • Quetta: 24K Rate per Tola – Rs. 214,400

It’s worth noting that while gold rates remain relatively consistent, there may be slight differences ranging from a hundred rupees to a thousand rupees across cities. To get the most accurate and up-to-date gold rates, it’s advisable to visit your city’s sarafa bazar or consult with local gold dealers and jewelers.

As you can see, the gold market in Pakistan is dynamic, and staying informed about the latest rates can help you make well-informed decisions regarding your gold investments.

Remember that gold rates change every hour, so keeping an eye on real-time updates is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone looking to purchase gold for a special occasion, being aware of the latest gold prices is crucial.

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The gold rate in Pakistan on November 7, 2023, has remained consistent and competitive, offering opportunities for buyers and investors. Keep an eye on the real-time rates to make informed decisions in this dynamic market.

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