Government Declares Public Holiday on Iqbal Day


In a significant development, the federal government has officially declared a public holiday to honor the revered poet and philosopher, Allama Iqbal, on November 9, known as Iqbal Day.

A Welcomed Announcement

The Cabinet Division issued a notification earlier today, confirming that a public holiday will be observed on Allama Iqbal Day across the entire country. This announcement puts an end to the speculations that have been circulating regarding the holiday on this significant occasion.

Government Declares Public Holiday on Iqbal Day
Government Declares Public Holiday on Iqbal Day

A Brief History

It’s worth noting that the public holiday on Iqbal Day had been canceled in 2015. However, a welcome change occurred last year when the government decided to reinstate this public holiday. The official list of public holidays for the year 2023, published in December the previous year, had already confirmed the inclusion of Iqbal Day as a public holiday.

In conclusion, the official declaration of a public holiday on Iqbal Day is a gesture of profound respect and admiration for Allama Iqbal’s contributions to literature, philosophy, and the ideological foundation of Pakistan. It is a day for the nation to reflect on the visionary ideas of this great thinker and to celebrate his lasting impact on the cultural and intellectual landscape of Pakistan.

M Ramzan
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