Haris Rauf’s Rib Injury Casts Doubt on Crucial England Game


Get the latest update on Haris Rauf’s injury and its impact on Pakistan’s upcoming World Cup match against England. Discover the details of his condition and the team’s prospects in the tournament.

Haris Rauf’s Injury Casts Doubt on Crucial England Game

In the world of sports, uncertainties often come unannounced, and the Pakistani cricket team has received its share of uncertainties with pacer Haris Rauf’s recent rib injury. With a crucial World Cup game against England on the horizon, the news of Rauf’s injury has sent ripples of concern among fans and the team alike.

The Rib Injury

Haris Rauf, one of Pakistan’s prominent fast bowlers, recently expressed discomfort due to a rib sprain. This injury was incurred during Pakistan’s victorious match against New Zealand, making it a cause for concern. After experiencing this discomfort, Rauf underwent a medical test at a local hospital in Kolkata to assess the extent of his injury.

The good news is that the results of Rauf’s scan have returned clean, raising hopes that he will recover in time for the crucial game against England. The team’s spokesperson has expressed optimism regarding Rauf’s recovery, but it remains a situation to monitor closely.

Impact on the Team

In the world of cricket, fast bowlers play a pivotal role in the team’s performance. Haris Rauf, with his pace and ability to take crucial wickets, has been an asset for Pakistan. His absence from the lineup could potentially impact the team’s strategy and effectiveness in the upcoming match.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only injury concern for the Pakistani team. Shadab Khan, who left the field due to a concussion during a match against South Africa, has yet to return to the game. The uncertainty surrounding his availability for the next match adds to the team’s challenges.

Pakistan’s World Cup Prospects

The timing of Rauf’s injury is less than ideal, given the significance of Pakistan’s upcoming match against England. Pakistan’s chances of reaching the World Cup semi-finals remain uncertain and challenging. Their qualification depends on the outcomes of Afghanistan and New Zealand.

Afghanistan faces two tough World Cup matches against strong opponents, Australia and South Africa, on November 7 and November 10. Winning both matches would secure Afghanistan’s direct qualification with 12 points, placing them ahead of New Zealand and Pakistan in the standings.

Pakistan’s primary competition is with New Zealand, and both teams have one more match to play. However, New Zealand holds an advantage in terms of their net run rate (NRR). The Black Caps are scheduled to face Sri Lanka on November 9 in Bengaluru, making the competition even more intense.


In the unpredictable world of sports, injuries can significantly impact a team’s performance and prospects. The uncertainty surrounding Haris Rauf’s availability for the crucial England game adds an extra layer of complexity to Pakistan’s World Cup journey. Fans and cricket enthusiasts around the world will be closely watching for updates on Rauf’s recovery as the team prepares for a defining match.

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