HEC Announces 4500 Scholarships for Afghan Students Today


n a world filled with uncertainty, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has brought forth a shining beacon of hope for Afghan students. Under the visionary leadership of Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Mr. Madad Ali Sindhi, the 3rd phase of the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarships Programme for Afghan Nationals has been launched, aiming to provide 4500 scholarships over a span of three years to Afghan students, enabling them to pursue their dreams in top-ranked Pakistani universities.

Transforming Lives Through Education

The journey begins with the graduation ceremony for 281 Afghan students who successfully completed their studies under Phase-II of this remarkable program. These dedicated students have emerged from 25 universities across Pakistan, with their hard-earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees spanning various fields, including Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Management, and Computer Science.

A Legacy of Excellence

This initiative has already seen over 6000 Afghan students benefiting from scholarships during the first two phases, underscoring Pakistan’s commitment to nurturing talent from its neighboring country. Minister Sindhi emphasized the importance of this pivotal moment in the lives of these scholars and urged them to embrace a heightened sense of responsibility as they return to Afghanistan.

Fostering Intellectual Capabilities

Minister Sindhi passionately encouraged the scholars to identify the challenges facing Afghanistan and utilize their intellectual capabilities to seek innovative solutions. The foundation of Afghanistan’s future, after all, rests on the shoulders of these bright minds.

HEC’s Crucial Role

The Higher Education Commission’s role in providing higher education opportunities for Afghan students through scholarships in Pakistan cannot be overstated. It is a testament to the strong bond between Pakistan and Afghanistan, as neighboring nations and brothers, that Pakistan takes its responsibility to support and aid Afghanistan seriously.

Ambassadors of Prosperity

Chairman HEC, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, congratulated the students on their achievements and acknowledged their unwavering dedication and hard work. He specifically commended the Afghan students who secured first positions in their respective degree programs. Dr. Ahmed described these students as smart and hardworking and encouraged them to see themselves as ambassadors of Pakistan, carrying the message of development and prosperity back to their homeland.

Nurturing Bright Minds

He underlined the importance of networking in career development and urged the students to harness their potential. Dr. Ahmed reminded the students that Pakistan is their second home and that Afghanistan’s transformation into a developed nation is a shared dream that they play a significant role in realizing. He applauded the Vice Chancellors for creating an environment that nurtures bright minds, ready to contribute effectively to their nation upon their return.

A Bright Future for Afghanistan

Special Representative on Afghanistan (SRA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Asif Durrani, reflected on the significant impact of the past. Many Afghan alumni who pursued higher education opportunities in Pakistan are now actively contributing to various sectors in Afghanistan. Mr. Durrani expressed hope that the Afghan graduates would effectively serve their nation upon their return, taking on diverse responsibilities.

Enlightening Society

Mr. Durrani emphasized that the knowledge and expertise these individuals acquired will not only enlighten their families but also foster informed decision-making in their professional and personal lives. An educated society, he stressed, is the key to societal development.

A Symbiotic Relationship

In conclusion, Mr. Durrani emphasized the symbiotic relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan, underscoring the cherished bond that exists between the two countries and the positive impact it will have on their shared future.

In Summation

The Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarships Programme for Afghan Nationals is not just a scholarship initiative; it’s a bridge to a brighter future for Afghanistan. With the unwavering support of the Higher Education Commission and the commitment of these talented Afghan students, the dream of a prosperous, educated, and developed Afghanistan is within reach. This initiative truly stands as a beacon of hope in these challenging times, illuminating the path to a better future for all.

M Ramzan
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