How to Earn Money Online?

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We daily see a lot advertisement everywhere to earn online money and how to earn money online. Earning online money is not as easy as it was in old days. When the internet was new, people used to earn money by clicking ads that google placed on website through AdSense. Now the question is what’s AdSense and why Google pays? and How to earn money online these days? How to earn $100 daily, we will get all your questions answered here.

Google basically works as a marketing source for both the people who want to advertise on internet and those who wants their platforms (like websites, videos etc.) to be used for advertisement. For me being a blogger or website owner, it is very difficult to get ads directly for my website. So, i’ll go to google and make my AdSense account and google will place ads on my website of different products.

On the other hand, if i want to advertise my products on digital platform on different websites, i would have to create an AdWords account with Google and my ads will automatically be placed on different websites by Google itself. This way, Google earns commission from both parties. The rate on which Google charges AdWords client and the amount it pays to AdSense owner is not the same. Here is the difference where Google earns its commission.

Previously when all this started, the artificial intelligence of Google was not that advanced. People that time used to create AdSense account and click their own ads hundreds of time to make money (as Google pay on Pay Per Click) policy. However, now Google immediately bans your AdSense account if you or even anyone clicks multiple times on same ad. Also, Google keeps on looking for the obnoxious activities over every website.

So how can we earn money online now? It is simple, we need to create a website which people loves to visit. It might be a blog, photography or anything with high traffic. Once the traffic is high, Google pays well for the ads.

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