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In a thrilling showdown, the junior men’s team of India emerged victorious over Pakistan in a penalty shootout, securing a bronze medal at the Sultan Johor Cup. This hard-fought victory followed a gripping 3-3 draw in regulation time, culminating in a nail-biting 6-5 score in India’s favor.

Introducing the Match

The encounter took place on November 4, 2023, and was masterfully covered by sports enthusiast Muhammad Abbas Azad, at 6:25 pm. The junior Indian squad, determined to make their mark, faced stiff competition from Pakistan after a tough semifinal loss against Germany.

First Half: India Takes the Lead

The game commenced with India taking the lead in the first half, thanks to Arun Sahani’s brilliant goal in the 11th minute. The teams headed into halftime with India leading 1-0, showcasing their prowess on the field.

Second Half: A Thrilling Battle

In the 33rd minute, Sufyan Khan from Pakistan managed to level the score with a well-executed goal. However, India quickly responded, as CB Poovana netted another goal, reclaiming the lead just nine minutes later.

The 50th minute brought another twist to the game when Abdul Qayyum scored a field goal for Pakistan. Nevertheless, Indian Captain Uttam Singh seemed to secure the winning goal for his team just two minutes later. The excitement continued as Pakistan’s skipper, Hannan Shahid, managed to level the score yet again, this time with a Penalty Corner.

A 3-3 Stalemate

As the standard playing time concluded, the scoreboard mirrored the result of their initial encounter in the group stage – a 3-3 tie, setting the stage for a dramatic penalty shootout.

The Penalty Shootout

The penalty shootout proved to be an intense battle. The initial four attempts from both teams resulted in successful goals. However, the turning point arrived when Pakistan’s Murtaza Yaqoob missed his shot, giving India a crucial advantage.

India’s Aman Deep had the opportunity to secure victory, but Pakistan’s goalkeeper, Ali Raza, made a remarkable save on his initial shot. Unfortunately for India, the rebound went wide, forcing the shootout into sudden death.

In this heart-pounding scenario, India took the lead once again, with Vishnukant Singh skillfully netting the ball past Raza. Pakistan’s Arshad Liaqat responded with a crucial goal, keeping his team’s hopes alive.

However, in the sixth round, the Indian goalkeeper delivered an outstanding performance, thwarting Shahid’s attempt and ultimately securing victory for Coach CR Kumar’s squad. Angad Bir Singh’s earlier goal had placed the Indian Colts ahead, ensuring their triumph.

Final Thoughts

This captivating clash between India and Pakistan in the Sultan Johor Cup 2023 showcased the determination and skill of these young athletes. The relentless pursuit of victory, combined with the rollercoaster of emotions, left fans on the edge of their seats. The junior men’s team of India can now proudly boast of their bronze medal in the 11th edition of the U21 tournament.

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