Indian $3 billion Submarine Destroyed due to Human Error


India had been planning since long to get a nuclear-missile submarine added in their Navy’s fleet which they got from Israel some two years back. Since then, would you believe that the submarine has been out of order due to a small human error?

Yes, one of the Indian Navy officers left the vessel’s external hatches unlocked which resulted in water flow inside the submarine. The submarine has been heavily damaged and is out of order for two years now.

As a result of this minor human error, the Indian $3 billion submarine went out of the commission after a small period of time (2 days probably) after it was added to the Indian Navy’s fleet.

According to Indian news channels, the submarine has suffered huge damages due to which it is still not been repaired properly.

This incident has caused an international embarrassment to Indian Navy force and also raised many strategic questions for the Indian all forces

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