Islam is a Peaceful Religion

Islam is a peaceful religion - newz.pk

The reason for Muslims suffering all over the world is not Islam but not following it. Or tailoring it for our interests and not following it, in best of its spirit.

Commenting on social media, condemning the atrocities against Muslims, making good argument, challenging the western bias of world, this hasn’t helped us by any mean but it’s just another reason to be part of social media or center of attraction.

What we really need to do is first correct ourselves, get united, build up, that would deter the world for not taking us wrong and for granted. Despite owning more than half of worlds natural resources average Muslim leads a life having lesser facilities than the people living in Western Hemisphere. We have stopped working, stopped believing, and stopped challenging ourselves, what is name of the last Muslim Scientist who has done wonders for the human race??

Muslims all over the world are Peaceful but they have not been able to advocate their case just because of the world’s political system which tilts heavily toward West. We need to know the reasons and we have equal opportunities to overcome that and come on par with them.

Just to give you an example ICC was Australia and England in 1990s but India raised the level of cricket by Franchising teams and Glamorising it with modern day flavor and generating revenues for ICC more than rest of the Cricketing nations, Results are tremendous for them they are ruling the Cricketing world in terms of dictating terms off ground at-least.

We just can’t be complaining forever? We should work hard and become Worlds Leader and make this world a Peaceful Place to live instead of blaming each other and judging other people for being a good or bad Muslim.

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