Pakistan Hockey Team’s Schedule for Paris Olympic Qualifiers 2024


The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has revealed the schedule for the Pakistan Hockey team’s participation in the Paris Olympic Qualifiers 2024, to be hosted in Muscat, Oman, next year.

Competing Teams and Pools

The tournament will feature two groups, Pool A and Pool B, each consisting of four teams. Here are the teams in both pools:

Pool A

  • Pakistan
  • Great Britain
  • China
  • Malaysia

Pool B

  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Chile

Challenging Opponents Await Pakistan

Pakistan’s placement in Pool A, alongside Great Britain, China, and Malaysia, poses a significant challenge for the team. They will need to perform exceptionally well against these formidable opponents to secure their spot in the upcoming Olympics.

Qualification Process

The top two teams from each pool will qualify for the semi-finals, and the top three teams will earn a coveted spot in the Paris Olympics. This makes every match crucial for the participating teams.

Pakistan’s First Qualifier Match

The Pakistan hockey team is scheduled to commence their journey with a qualifier match against Great Britain. The outcome of this match will set the tone for their campaign in the qualifiers.

A Rich Olympic History

Pakistan boasts a rich history in Olympic hockey, having won 10 medals, including three gold, three silver, and four bronze medals. The team will be aiming to replicate the historical success achieved during their peak era.


The Paris Olympic Qualifiers 2024 in Muscat, Oman, promise intense competition and thrilling hockey action. Pakistan’s national team faces a tough challenge in their pursuit of securing a spot in the prestigious Paris Olympics. The coming months will test their skills, determination, and teamwork as they aim to make their nation proud once again on the international stage.

M Ramzan
M Ramzan
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