Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 Squad Overview – A Surprising Inclusion


Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 Squad Overview – A Surprising Inclusion

Get the latest update on Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 squad as Saud Shakeel is added to the team. Explore the squad details, Shakeel’s return, and more in this comprehensive article.


In the world of cricket, team dynamics are constantly evolving. The most recent update on Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 squad brings Middle-order batter Saud Shakeel into the limelight. This unexpected addition has caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Shakeel’s inclusion, his journey so far, and what this means for Pakistan’s chances in the upcoming Asia Cup.

Saud Shakeel: A Surprising Inclusion

Saud Shakeel’s addition to Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 squad comes as a surprise to many. Not originally part of the initial 17-member squad, Shakeel’s journey to the Asia Cup began as the 18th member of the ODI squad for the Afghanistan bilateral series. Let’s take a closer look at his story.

Tayyab Tahir: The Travelling Reserve

While Shakeel’s inclusion is making headlines, it’s equally interesting to note that Tayyab Tahir, initially in the squad, didn’t get a chance to play in the three-match ODI series against Afghanistan. However, he’s set to travel with the team during the Asia Cup as a reserve player. This raises questions about his role and potential contributions to the squad.

Shakeel’s Return to the ODI Squad

Shakeel, who made a return to the ODI squad for the Afghanistan series, played only a solitary game, scoring nine runs. His performance may have been brief, but it’s certainly intriguing. Cricket fans are eager to see how he performs in the upcoming Asia Cup matches.

The Asia Cup Schedule

The Asia Cup is just around the corner, with Pakistan scheduled to play Nepal in their first game on August 30 in Multan. The team’s preparations are in full swing as they arrive in Multan on August 27. Babar Azam, Imam ul Haq, and Naseem Shah will join the group on Monday evening, adding to the anticipation surrounding the event.

Pakistan Squad Overview

To better understand Pakistan’s prospects in the Asia Cup, let’s take a moment to review the squad:

  • Babar Azam (c): The captain, leading from the front.
  • Abdullah Shafique: A promising talent in the team.
  • Fakhar Zaman: Known for explosive performances.
  • Imam-ul-Haq: A consistent presence in the squad.
  • Salman Ali Agha: Adding depth to the batting lineup.
  • Iftikhar Ahmed: A valuable all-rounder.
  • Mohammad Rizwan: Dependable behind the stumps.
  • Mohammad Haris: A rising star to watch out for.
  • Shadab Khan: Contributing with both bat and ball.
  • Mohammad Nawaz: An important spin option.
  • Usama Mir: Adding spin variety to the team.
  • Faheem Ashraf: A strong contender for the all-rounder role.
  • Haris Rauf: Known for his pace and aggression.
  • Mohammad Wasim Jnr: The young gun with potential.
  • Naseem Shah: A promising fast bowler.
  • Shaheen Afridi: The spearhead of Pakistan’s bowling attack.
  • Saud Shakeel: The surprise inclusion.
  • Tayyab Tahir (traveling reserve): The backup option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why was Saud Shakeel added to the Asia Cup squad? A: Saud Shakeel’s impressive performance in the ODI series against Afghanistan earned him a spot in the Asia Cup squad as a valuable middle-order batter.

Q: What is Tayyab Tahir’s role as the traveling reserve? A: Tayyab Tahir will accompany the team during the Asia Cup as a reserve player, providing backup and support as needed.

Q: When does Pakistan play their first Asia Cup match? A: Pakistan’s first Asia Cup match is scheduled for August 30, where they will face Nepal in Multan.

Q: How did Shakeel perform in the Afghanistan series? A: Saud Shakeel played a solitary game in the Afghanistan series, scoring nine runs.

Q: Who are the key players to watch in Pakistan’s squad? A: Keep an eye on captain Babar Azam, young talent Mohammad Haris, and the pace of Shaheen Afridi in Pakistan’s squad.

Q: What are Pakistan’s chances in the Asia Cup? A: With a well-balanced squad, Pakistan has a strong chance of performing well in the Asia Cup, but cricket can be unpredictable, and anything can happen.


Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 squad has witnessed a surprising addition with Saud Shakeel joining the ranks. This unexpected move has generated excitement and intrigue among cricket enthusiasts. As the tournament approaches, all eyes will be on Shakeel and the Pakistan squad, as they aim for success in the Asia Cup. Stay tuned for more updates and thrilling cricket action.

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