Petrol Price In Pakistan Govt Maintains Petrol Prices Unchanged in Pakistan


In a bid to provide some respite to the inflation-weary citizens of Pakistan, the federal government has announced that the price of petrol will remain unchanged for the next fortnight. This decision comes after a year of skyrocketing fuel prices, which have contributed to historic levels of inflation in the country. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar made the announcement, highlighting the government’s commitment to easing the burden on the people.

Petrol Prices and Their Impact:

Over the past year, Pakistan has faced a severe economic crisis, with escalating fuel prices playing a significant role in exacerbating the situation. However, in a positive turn of events, the government has decided to keep petrol prices stable for the upcoming fortnight. This move is aimed at providing relief to the public, who have been grappling with the impact of high inflation.

New Petrol Prices:

The recent announcement by the government has revealed the following prices for petroleum products in Pakistan:

  1. Petrol: The price of petrol will remain unchanged at Rs262.00 per liter, providing a much-needed stability for consumers.
  2. High-Speed Diesel (HSD): The price of high-speed diesel, a crucial fuel for transportation and industrial sectors, will see a slight decrease from Rs253.00 to Rs260.50 per liter. This reduction of Rs7.50 per liter is expected to alleviate some of the financial burden on businesses and individuals dependent on diesel.
  3. Kerosene Oil: The price of kerosene oil will remain steady at Rs164.07 per liter, offering stability to households relying on this fuel source for cooking and lighting purposes.
  4. Light Diesel Oil (LDO): Similar to kerosene oil, the price of light diesel oil will also remain unchanged at Rs147.68 per liter.

Government’s Efforts to Tackle Inflation:

The decision to maintain petrol prices unchanged demonstrates the government’s commitment to mitigating the adverse effects of inflation on the general public. Pakistan has been grappling with high inflation rates, which have significantly impacted the cost of living for its citizens. By keeping petrol prices stable, the government aims to curb the inflationary pressure and support the economy’s recovery.

Additionally, the stable prices will bring relief to businesses, especially those operating in the transportation and manufacturing sectors, as fuel costs directly impact their operational expenses. The move is expected to boost economic activity and foster a more conducive environment for growth and development.


The federal government’s decision to keep petrol prices unchanged for the next fortnight is a welcome relief for the inflation-weary citizens of Pakistan. As the country continues to navigate through economic challenges, stable fuel prices provide much-needed respite to individuals, households, and businesses. By taking this step, the government showcases its commitment to addressing the concerns of the public and fostering a more stable economic environment. As citizens await further measures to alleviate inflationary pressures, the current decision represents a positive step towards achieving a better future for Pakistan’s economy and its people.

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