PIA Announces Significant Reduction in Umrah Flight Prices


In an unexpected move, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has unveiled a remarkable reduction in Umrah ticket prices, despite the ongoing financial challenges. This announcement comes as a pleasant surprise for travelers and pilgrims alike, offering an opportunity for more individuals to embark on their spiritual journey.

Umrah Fare Reduction

PIA’s recent decision has led to a substantial reduction in two-way Umrah fares from multiple cities across Pakistan to Jeddah. Travelers from Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Multan, and Faisalabad can now enjoy the journey for a more affordable Rs. 87,000, including taxes.

For those departing from Karachi and Quetta, the cost of a two-way ticket to Jeddah has been adjusted to just Rs. 79,000. These revised prices have been implemented immediately, making Umrah more accessible to a broader spectrum of people.

Commitment to Umrah Pilgrims

A spokesperson for PIA emphasized the airline’s unwavering commitment to facilitating Umrah pilgrims. Despite facing challenges related to fuel supply that forced the cancellation of numerous flights, PIA remains dedicated to serving its passengers.

Facing Financial Challenges

It is important to note that PIA has encountered significant financial setbacks, with losses exceeding Rs. 6 billion. As a gesture of goodwill, the airline has also refunded approximately Rs. 50 million to affected passengers. However, there is optimism within PIA’s ranks, as they aim to fully restore their flight operations by the next week.

Fuel Supply and Collaboration with PSO

To address the issues related to fuel supply, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has stepped in by receiving Rs. 500 million from the airline. This collaboration is expected to alleviate the fuel-related challenges PIA has faced. Moving forward, PIA’s flight operations will be closely aligned with fuel availability, ensuring a smoother and more reliable travel experience.

PIA’s decision to reduce Umrah ticket prices is a testament to their commitment to passengers and Umrah pilgrims, striving to make this spiritual journey more accessible and affordable, even in the face of financial challenges.

M Ramzan
M Ramzan
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