PUBG MOBILE’s Spectacular Version 2.9 Update – The Frost Festival


In an exciting revelation, PUBG MOBILE, a globally acclaimed mobile game, is set to usher in the holiday season with its much-anticipated Version 2.9 Update. From November 7, 2023, to January 7, 2024, players will be immersed in the festive spirit, navigating the Snowy Village—a specially themed area designed to bring a frosty twist to the battleground. As the Frost Festival takes center stage, players can anticipate thrilling new elements, including snow-covered landscapes, reindeers, and exciting gameplay additions.

Snowy Village Showdown

The Version 2.9 Update transforms the gaming experience with Snowy Village, offering players a festive battleground. The two-story Ice Sculpture Plaza becomes the epicenter of the action, where players can engage in intense battles. Traversing the map takes on a new dimension with the introduction of Snow Rails and Snowboards, providing exhilarating ways to outmaneuver opponents. To add a chilly twist, Snowball Blasters with exciting effects are at players’ disposal—turning enemies into snowmen or creating snowy cover for strategic advantages.

Winter Wonderland Rewards

In Snowy Village, players encounter Lucky Snowmen and their adorable companions, the Snow Toddlers. Locating and returning these Snow Toddlers to the Lucky Snowman unlocks valuable rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The Version 2.9 update introduces Lucky Ice, a feature offering rewards concealed beneath icy exteriors, challenging players to find the most effective way to access the hidden treasures.

Reindeers, Presents, and Cheer

As the Frost Festival approaches, the map comes alive with the appearance of Reindeers. These festive vehicles allow two players to ride together, spreading cheer across the battleground. The winter-themed map enhancements include trees adorned with presents and stockings filled with essential supplies, creating a visually enchanting and immersive experience.

Gameplay Enhancements

Beyond the Frost Festival festivities, the Version 2.9 Update brings a myriad of gameplay improvements. The World of Wonder creative mode receives expanded PvE options, Editor enhancements, and a new Snowy Map Template. The introduction of Frost Festival objects enhances the overall gaming environment.

Additionally, players can anticipate ‘Catch Me’ Gameplay Template updates and Skill Management Device improvements. The latter introduces skills related to transformation gameplay, adding strategic depth to the gaming experience.

Royale Pass Ace and Exclusive Rewards

The Version 2.9 Update unveils the Royale Pass Ace, available from November 14, 2023, to January 13, 2024. Completing RP missions allows players to ascend the ranks and unlock exclusive rewards, including custom color outfits, snowbike and reindeer finishes, and more.

Future Collaborations and Surprises

The excitement doesn’t end there. PUBG MOBILE hints at a thrilling collaboration with a legendary sports car brand, promising an immersive experience for players. Stay tuned for further details as the collaboration unfolds.


As PUBG MOBILE’s Version 2.9 Update unfolds on November 7th, players can anticipate a gaming experience like never before. The Frost Festival brings a perfect blend of holiday cheer, strategic gameplay, and exclusive rewards, making it a must-play for PUBG enthusiasts.

Embrace the winter spirit, download the Version 2.9 Update for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, and dive into the enchanting world of Snowy Village.

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