Punjab University Announces Holiday Notification on 9 November


Iqbal Day is an important occasion in Pakistan, celebrating the birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal, the renowned philosopher, poet, and politician who played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan. This article delves into the recent announcement made by Punjab University regarding a holiday on 9th November to commemorate Iqbal Day.

Significance of Iqbal Day

Iqbal Day holds immense significance in Pakistan as it honors a visionary leader who envisioned a separate homeland for Muslims in the subcontinent. Allama Iqbal’s poetry and philosophical works have inspired generations and continue to be relevant today.

The Announcement of a Holiday

Punjab University’s announcement of a holiday on 9th November recognizes the importance of Iqbal Day. This decision aims to give people the opportunity to reflect on the ideas and principles espoused by Allama Iqbal.

Historical Context of Iqbal Day Holiday

Iqbal Day was a public holiday in Pakistan but was suspended from 2015 to 2021. However, in 2022, the then Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, reinstated Iqbal Day as a holiday. Subsequently, the Interior Ministry also declared Iqbal Day 2023 as a public holiday.

Recent Developments and Confusion

The revival of Iqbal Day as a public holiday has caused some confusion among the public, given the previous years when it was not observed. This confusion is due to the changing government policies and decisions regarding the holiday.

Punjab University’s Achievements

In recent news, Punjab University achieved a remarkable feat by being ranked as the best university in Pakistan in Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024 by Subject. Out of 11 subjects, Pakistani universities were ranked in 9 subjects, with Punjab University leading in 7 of them.

The Importance of Iqbal Day

Iqbal Day is not merely a holiday; it is a day to honor and remember a philosopher whose ideas laid the foundation for the creation of Pakistan. It is a day for reflection, introspection, and fostering national unity.

Observing Iqbal Day Traditions

On Iqbal Day, people often pay visits to the mausoleum of Allama Iqbal in Lahore. They also organize seminars, poetry recitals, and discussions on his works and philosophy. Many educational institutions hold special events to commemorate the day.

The Role of Education in Iqbal’s Philosophy

Allama Iqbal emphasized the role of education in his philosophy. He believed that education was the key to self-realization and national development. Punjab University’s achievements in education are a testament to Iqbal’s vision.

Iqbal’s Influence on Pakistani Society

Allama Iqbal’s ideas and poetry continue to influence Pakistani society. His vision of an independent Muslim state, where justice, equality, and self-realization would prevail, remains a source of inspiration for the nation.

The Impact of Public Holidays

Public holidays like Iqbal Day provide an opportunity for people to come together, celebrate their cultural and historical heritage, and reflect on their values and principles. They serve as a reminder of the nation’s shared identity and history.


In conclusion, Iqbal Day is a significant day in Pakistan, and Punjab University’s decision to observe it as a holiday highlights the importance of Allama Iqbal’s legacy. It is a time for the nation to come together and reflect on the ideals that shaped the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is Iqbal Day important in Pakistan?

Iqbal Day is important in Pakistan because it honors Allama Iqbal, a visionary leader who played a crucial role in the creation of Pakistan and continues to inspire the nation.

2. What are the traditions associated with Iqbal Day?

Traditions associated with Iqbal Day include visiting Allama Iqbal’s mausoleum, organizing seminars, poetry recitals, and discussions on his works, and special events in educational institutions.

3. How has Punjab University achieved recognition in education?

Punjab University’s recognition in education is due to its excellence in various subjects and its ranking as the best university in Pakistan in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024 by Subject.

4. How can Iqbal’s philosophy be summarized?

Iqbal’s philosophy emphasizes the role of education, self-realization, justice, and equality, which are integral to the development of a strong and just society.

5. Why are public holidays like Iqbal Day significant?

Public holidays like Iqbal Day provide an opportunity for people to celebrate their cultural heritage, reflect on their values, and foster a sense of national identity.

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