Regal Motors Unveils 12-Month Installment Plan for Prince Pearl – Drive Your Dream Car


Learn about Regal Motors’ exciting 12-month installment plan for Prince Pearl and K01 variants, making your dream car more affordable than ever. Discover how to drive home in style without extra costs.

The automotive industry is continuously evolving, adapting to the challenges of skyrocketing prices and production issues. Despite the recent drop in manufacturing costs, car prices have remained prohibitively high, making it a distant dream for many car enthusiasts. In response to these challenges, car manufacturers are getting creative to boost their sales.

One such initiative that’s turning heads in the automotive world is Regal Motors’ announcement of a year-long installment plan for its Prince Pearl and K01 variants. This innovative step aims to make these exceptional vehicles accessible to a wider range of customers, without any additional costs. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting offer, so you can fulfill your dream of owning a Regal Motors car.

The Rising Challenge: Skyrocketing Car Prices

The Roadblock to Dreams

The automotive industry has been facing a significant hurdle in recent times – the relentless rise in car prices. For many consumers, owning their dream car seemed like an unattainable goal. As the cost of purchasing a vehicle continued to soar, it left people with two options: settle for less or postpone their dreams indefinitely.

A Creative Solution

In a move that’s making luxury cars more accessible, Regal Motors has introduced an innovative year-long installment plan for its Prince Pearl and K01 variants. This plan offers a way to own these remarkable vehicles without the burden of high upfront costs.

Regal Motors’ Game-Changing Offer

The Prince Pearl

Under the year-long installment plan, you can own the remarkable Prince Pearl at its current price tag of Rs. 1,850,000. This price is spread over 12 monthly installments, making it incredibly budget-friendly. Now, driving home in the Prince Pearl is well within your reach.

The K01 Variant

If you’ve had your eye on the K01 variant, you’re in luck. Regal Motors is extending the same year-long installment plan to the K01 variant, making it available at an affordable price of Rs. 2,070,000. This means you can enjoy the sophistication of the K01 without the pressure of a hefty one-time payment.

How to Make Your Dream a Reality

Regal Motors has made it easy to transform your dream of owning a Prince Pearl or K01 into reality. To learn more about this incredible opportunity and how to apply for the year-long installment plan, you can reach out to your local dealership.


Q: Can I apply for the installment plan online? Yes, Regal Motors provides an online application process for added convenience. You can apply for the installment plan on their official website or contact your local dealership for guidance.

Q: Is there any interest on the installment plan? No, Regal Motors’ installment plan is interest-free, ensuring that you pay only the vehicle’s actual cost in 12 monthly installments.

Q: Are there any hidden costs involved? No, there are no hidden costs or additional charges. You pay the exact price of the vehicle, as mentioned, over the 12-month period.

Q: What if I want to pay off the remaining balance before 12 months? Regal Motors offers flexibility. If you wish to pay off the balance early, you can do so without any penalties or extra charges.

Q: Can I choose the monthly installment date? Yes, you can select a suitable date for your monthly installment, allowing you to manage your finances with ease.

Q: Is this offer available for a limited time? The year-long installment plan from Regal Motors is designed to provide long-term benefits to customers and is not a limited-time offer.


Regal Motors’ 12-month installment plan for Prince Pearl and K01 variants is a game-changer in the automotive industry. It offers a financially feasible path for car enthusiasts to own their dream vehicles without any extra costs. If you’ve been yearning to experience the luxury and performance of a Regal Motors car, this is your opportunity to drive your dream car home.

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