Saba Qamar’s Unfiltered Confession: A Peek into Her Heartfelt Celebrity Crush on Ahsan Khan


Explore the candid revelation of renowned actress Saba Qamar about her celebrity crush, Ahsan Khan. Dive into the heartfelt confession, humorous anecdotes, and the surprising twists in their on-screen journey as Saba opens up about her feelings in a recent interview.


Published on Nov 17, 2023, at 10:14 pm, this article delves into the unexpected revelation by actress Saba Qamar regarding her celebrity crush, Ahsan Khan. In a candid moment during a podcast interview, Saba Qamar disclosed her feelings and shared amusing anecdotes from their on-screen collaboration.

Saba Qamar’s Surprise Confession:

Known for her stellar performances and unapologetic demeanor, Saba Qamar surprised the showbiz world by openly sharing her celebrity crush. The revelation came during a lighthearted conversation with Ahsan Khan on a podcast, where Saba expressed her admiration for the talented actor.

Heartthrob Ahsan Khan:

In a moment of vulnerability, Saba Qamar confessed that Ahsan Khan held a special place in her heart. She humorously mentioned that if he hadn’t already been taken, she might have considered marrying him. This unfiltered confession adds a unique touch to the usually veiled world of celebrity relationships.

Podcast Banter:

During the podcast, Ahsan Khan playfully asked Saba Qamar to name a hero she would propose to if he were not married. Saba, without hesitation, pointed towards Ahsan Khan, revealing a playful banter between the two actors.

Behind-the-Scenes Anecdotes:

Saba Qamar's Unfiltered Confession: A Peek into Her Heartfelt Celebrity Crush on Ahsan Khan
Saba Qamar’s Unfiltered Confession: A Peek into Her Heartfelt Celebrity Crush on Ahsan Khan

Saba Qamar reminisced about the early days when she wasn’t an actress and confessed to having Ahsan Khan’s number. She playfully mentioned sending messages and making calls expressing her desire to work with him. The revelation adds a human touch to their professional relationship.

Regrets and Humorous Confessions:

Expressing regret for the delayed revelation, Saba Qamar humorously recounted an incident where she cried after an argument with Ahsan Khan during their collaboration. She shared her journey of understanding him better over time.

Delayed Love Confession:

Saba Qamar revealed that she fell in love with Ahsan Khan during their collaboration. However, complications arose in Ahsan Khan’s life, causing a delay in expressing her feelings. The actress shared humorous anecdotes about her attempts to convey her emotions.

Traveling for Ahsan Khan:

Highlighting the depth of her feelings, Saba Qamar disclosed that she went the extra mile for Ahsan Khan by traveling to interior Sindh for a film shoot. This revelation adds a layer of commitment and dedication to their professional association.

Ahsan Khan’s Response:

Ahsan Khan, married since 2008 with two daughters and two sons, shared his initial doubts about Saba Qamar’s intentions. Saba responded with humor, emphasizing the nuanced communication in relationships.


Saba Qamar’s unfiltered confession provides a refreshing glimpse into the personal side of celebrities. This unexpected revelation adds a touch of authenticity to their on-screen collaborations, making fans curious about the dynamics between these two talented actors.

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