Sindh Government Announces 2 Holidays – Iqbal Day and Diwali Celebrations


Discover the details of the recent announcement by the Sindh government, declaring two upcoming holidays. Learn how Sindh plans to commemorate Iqbal Day and Diwali with a day off for the people.

Sindh Government’s Festive Announcement: Two Upcoming Holidays

The provincial government of Sindh, Pakistan, has brought a reason to celebrate for its citizens by announcing two upcoming holidays. This move aims to mark and respect the diverse cultural and religious festivities in the province.

Iqbal Day – November 9

One of the significant holidays announced by the Sindh government is the observance of Iqbal Day on November 9. Iqbal Day is a momentous occasion in Pakistan, dedicated to commemorating the life and contributions of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of the East. Allama Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy have had a profound impact on the nation’s ideology and identity.

The government’s decision to declare November 9 as a public holiday allows the people of Sindh to pay their respects to the visionary poet and philosopher. It provides an opportunity to remember and reflect upon his inspiring words and ideals, which continue to guide the nation.

Diwali Celebrations – November 13

In a display of the province’s cultural diversity and inclusivity, the Sindh government has also declared November 13 as a holiday to celebrate Diwali. Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights,” is a prominent Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

The announcement recognizes the significance of Diwali for the Hindu community in Sindh. It marks a day of unity and celebration, where people of different faiths come together to share the joy of this festival. Government offices, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies, corporations, and local councils under the administrative control of the Sindh government will observe November 13 as a day off to enable the Hindu community to fully enjoy the festival of lights.

This thoughtful decision by the Sindh government not only shows respect for the cultural and religious diversity within the province but also promotes an atmosphere of harmony and inclusivity.


Q: Is November 9 a holiday for everyone in Sindh? Yes, November 9 is a public holiday for all residents of Sindh, allowing them to observe Iqbal Day.

Q: Why is Diwali celebrated, and who observes it? Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights,” is celebrated by the Hindu community as one of their most important festivals. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

Q: Are all government offices closed on November 13 for Diwali? Yes, on November 13, all government offices, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies, corporations, and local councils under the administrative control of the Sindh government will be closed to enable the Hindu community to celebrate Diwali.

Q: What is the significance of Iqbal Day in Pakistan? Iqbal Day is celebrated to honor the contributions of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a renowned philosopher and poet whose ideas played a crucial role in shaping Pakistan’s ideology and identity.

Q: How can people celebrate Diwali in Sindh? People can celebrate Diwali in Sindh by participating in various cultural events, lighting traditional lamps, exchanging gifts, and spending time with family and friends.

Q: Is this a one-time announcement, or will these holidays be observed every year? These holidays are part of the provincial government’s annual calendar and will be observed every year to celebrate Iqbal Day and Diwali.


The Sindh government’s announcement of two holidays, Iqbal Day and Diwali, reflects the province’s commitment to honoring its rich cultural and religious diversity. These holidays not only provide an opportunity for residents to celebrate and remember their cultural and intellectual heritage but also promote unity and inclusivity. It’s a move that embodies the spirit of harmony and togetherness.

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