Smog Battle in Punjab: Schools and Offices to Close on November 18


In a proactive move to tackle the escalating smog crisis in Punjab, the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, declared on Wednesday that schools and offices throughout the province would observe a holiday on Saturday, November 18. This decision aims to intensify efforts to combat the hazardous levels of smog engulfing the region.

Alarming Air Quality Levels Prompt Action

The announcement comes in response to the concerning concentration of PM 2.5, a measurement of tiny particulate matter in the air. Presently, the PM 2.5 levels have surged to 195, a classification deemed unhealthy. Earlier in the week, the concentration peaked at 400, a level considered hazardous to public health.

Legal Mandate Reinforces Closure

Caretaker Chief Minister Naqvi’s decision aligns with a directive from Lahore High Court’s Justice Shahid Karim. The court instructed the government to enforce the closure of all schools and colleges in Punjab on Saturdays. This directive underscores the government’s inability to effectively mitigate the smog crisis, prompting the need for decisive action.

Government’s Response to the Smog Crisis

The pressing smog crisis has propelled the Punjab government to establish an environment commission. This newly formed body will be instrumental in devising and implementing strategies to combat the adverse effects of smog. The severity of the situation, as reflected in the hazardous air quality levels, necessitates a comprehensive and immediate response.

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A Call for Collective Action

As commuters navigate the smoggy conditions, the government’s decision to declare a holiday for schools and offices underscores the urgency of addressing the environmental challenges posed by the smog. Beyond the immediate closure, the establishment of an environment commission signals a commitment to finding sustainable solutions to alleviate the persistent smog-related issues.

In the wake of this announcement, it is imperative for residents to remain vigilant about air quality, take necessary precautions, and actively support initiatives aimed at combating the smog crisis. The collaboration of the community, coupled with strategic governmental interventions, is crucial for effectively overcoming the challenges posed by the ongoing smog battle in Punjab.

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