Supreme Court Bar Election 2023 Result Announced


In an era where legal matters play a pivotal role in shaping the course of nations, the Supreme Court Bar Election 2023 results have sparked significant interest and anticipation. The culmination of a rigorous election process, which commenced on October 31, 2023, finally saw its results announced on November 1, 2023. In this article, we will delve into the details of this election, providing you with comprehensive insights into the outcomes, the candidates, and the significance of the event.

The Election Day

The election day for the Supreme Court of Pakistan was a day filled with expectation and hope. A total of 3,756 attorneys exercised their right to vote, making their voices heard in the democratic process. The polls opened at eight in the morning and remained active until five in the evening. Twelve voting stations were set up across the nation to facilitate the smooth conduct of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association elections.

The Presidential Battle

Asma Jahangeer Group (Independent) – Shehzad Shaukat Hayat

In the race for the presidency, the Asma Jahangeer Group, running independently, fielded Shehzad Shaukat Hayat as its candidate. After a keenly contested election, Shehzad Shaukat Hayat emerged victorious with an impressive tally of 1710 votes. This victory signifies a shift towards an independent and diverse leadership within the Supreme Court Bar Association.

Hamid Khan Group (Professional) – Abdul Quddus

On the other side, the Hamid Khan Group, representing professionals in the field, put forward Abdul Quddus as their contender. Though the competition was fierce, Abdul Quddus secured 1243 votes, showcasing the group’s influence and strength within the legal community.

The Secretary Showdown

For the position of Secretary, two candidates went head-to-head:

Syed Imran Ali

Syed Imran Ali secured the position of Secretary with a total of 1445 votes. His victory underscores the trust and support of the legal community in his capabilities.

Salman Mansoor

Salman Mansoor, a formidable candidate in his own right, gathered 1373 votes, reflecting the close competition and the quality of candidates vying for this role.


The 2023 Supreme Court Bar Election has undoubtedly been a momentous event in the legal landscape of Pakistan. With an increase in voter turnout and strong candidates from diverse backgrounds, it marks a significant step towards a more inclusive and representative leadership within the Supreme Court Bar Association.

We eagerly await the impact that these newly elected officials will have on the legal community and the justice system in Pakistan.


1. How often are the Supreme Court Bar elections held?

  • The Supreme Court Bar elections are typically held once every year.

2. What is the significance of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Pakistan?

  • The Supreme Court Bar Association is a crucial organization that plays a vital role in representing the legal community and advocating for legal reforms in Pakistan.

3. Can an independent candidate run for the presidency in the Supreme Court Bar elections?

  • Yes, independent candidates can run for various positions in the Supreme Court Bar elections, including the presidency.

4. How are the voting stations distributed across the nation for these elections?

  • Voting stations are strategically established throughout the country to ensure that attorneys from all regions can participate in the elections.

5. What kind of impact can we expect from the newly elected officials on the legal community in Pakistan?

  • The newly elected officials are expected to bring fresh perspectives and reforms to the legal community and the justice system in Pakistan. Their impact will be closely watched and assessed in the coming year.

In this article, we’ve provided a detailed overview of the Supreme Court Bar Election 2023 results, highlighting the winners and the significance of this event in the legal landscape of Pakistan. The competitive nature of the election and the emergence of diverse leadership demonstrate a promising future for the Supreme Court Bar Association.

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