Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Pakistan

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Here are Five Reasons why you should travel to Pakistan

1: People in Pakistan are simply amazing

No doubt in that, the Pakistani people are the most welcoming, hospitable and kind people that you ever had come across and they want you to enjoy their country. From the corner of bustling streets of Karachi to the highest mountain range of Hunza, every time you will be rewarded with a huge grin and often a dinner invitation from local persons. You definitely will loss the count even how many cups of free chai (tea) you had. Pakistani people love the tourists and know how to welcome them to their beautiful country.

2: The world’s most beautiful country – it might just be Pakistan.

Well, it is the fact that Pakistan is famous for its mountains, rivers, valleys, glaciers and forests. Even the most illiterate of map readers should know that Pakistan is a country with much more beauty than is fair share of truly wondrous sites. Including K2, it has five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks. No matter you want to climb, raft or track, Pakistan is the best place for you. Did you ever have a hiking on 44 KM long track? Pakistan has got it too.  Pakistan longest hiking track links Haripur to Islamabad and is worth visiting.

3: Pakistan is safe

There are a lot of people thinking that Pakistan is not a safe country to travel as it has border joined with Afghanistan. However, the reality is otherwise. Travelling to Pakistan is as safe as to any other country of the world. Yes, it is true that Pakistan does sometimes get hit by terrorist attacks, but this is the case with every other country. You are safe nowhere sitting at your home even if you are living in United States. There might be some political reasons of some countries to defame Pakistan, but it is one of the safest countries for tourists.

In recent operation of Pakistan armed forces against terrorists, the Pakistan army got a huge success and there is no terrorist attack on Pakistan since long. There is also extra protection given to foreigners and tourists to have their journey more exiting and safe.

4: The Historical Silk Road

Silk Road is an ancient trade route that linked the Imperial Dynasties of China to the treasuries of the Roman Empire. It was explored by Marco Polo who was a European. It is one of the most important routes and China knows its importance. It is also the main road for CPEC project which will connect China to Gwadar as its main trade route. The road is carpeted and you can enjoy a speed of 120 km/h with mountains on both your sides with beautiful landscape. There is also a luxury bus service running between Pak-China on this road

5: Travelling in Pakistan is cheap

Pakistan is one of the cheapest countries as you can get a cup of chai (tea) in 3 cents. You can visits Pakistan easily with a budget of just $500 a month – this will cover your accommodation, food, transport and some other activities as well.

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