Transforming Transit: Rawalpindi’s New Era of Modern Bus Services


In a significant leap towards enhancing public transportation, Rawalpindi is poised to welcome a cutting-edge bus service that promises comfort, affordability, and comprehensive coverage across both public and private transport routes. Scheduled for launch in the near future, this initiative by the Punjab Mass Transit Authority is set to redefine the commuting experience for the residents of the garrison city.

Unveiling the Integrated Public Transport System

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority has unveiled plans to introduce an integrated public transport system, known as Feeder Routes, in Rawalpindi. This transformative project aims to deploy 78 minibusses, each measuring 8 meters in length, across the city’s transport network. Executed in two phases, the initial stage will witness these minibusses operating on 34 carefully mapped routes, providing residents with seamless connectivity.

Similarities to the Metro Bus Service

What sets this upcoming bus service apart is its alignment with the well-established Metro Bus Service in terms of timings and fares. This synchronicity not only streamlines the commuting experience for residents but also creates a sense of familiarity with existing public transport offerings. Arshad Ali, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary, revealed that the buses for this project will be sourced internationally, with imports expected from China and other countries.

Integration with Metro Stations

A notable feature of the Rawalpindi Integrated Transport System is its integration with metro stations. By connecting all buses to metro stations, the transit system gains the advantage of using them as feeder buses, further enhancing the overall efficiency and accessibility of the public transport network. The meticulous planning of this integration underscores a commitment to creating a seamlessly connected transit experience for the residents.

Phased Launch and Route Adjustments

The project is set to unfold in two distinct phases, with the first phase scheduled for launch in the coming days. This swift implementation reflects the dedication of the authorities to provide swift solutions to the city’s growing transportation needs. Additionally, the Secretary of the Regional Transport Authority, Arshad Ali, announced a modification in the Rawalpindi Integrated Transport System route, redirecting buses from Kachehri Chowk to Rawat vegetable and fruit market. This strategic adjustment is poised to optimize route efficiency and better serve the commuting populace.

Note: Specific route details are available on the Punjab Mass Transit Authority’s website.

Embracing Progress and Connectivity

The introduction of the Rawalpindi Integrated Transport System marks a significant stride towards modernizing and simplifying public transportation. As the city gears up for this transformative initiative, residents can anticipate a more streamlined, efficient, and interconnected transit experience. This forward-looking approach not only addresses the current commuting challenges but also lays the foundation for a dynamic and progressive urban transportation system.

Transforming Transit: Rawalpindi's New Era of Modern Bus Services
Transforming Transit: Rawalpindi’s New Era of Modern Bus Services
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