Women’s Day OR Men’s Hatred Day?

Internal Women's Day Pakistan

Women’s Day is being celebrated on Mar 08 all across the world. Women on this day everywhere raise their voice for respect, dignity and equality of rights. However, the trend in Pakistan on this day has taken a very wrong dimension.

The liberal class of Pakistan has started to celebrate Women’s Day more like a Men’s Hatred day now. No doubt, Islam is the only religion which has given most rights to women. Yet, liberal class instead of requiring respect have started to raise slogans against men.

There are a lot of pictures being shared on social media these days where women have posters in their hands stating slogans like

  • Apna Khana Khud Garam Karo
  • Roti Khud Banao
  • Apna Moza Khud Dhundo
  • Mai Lollipop Nahi Aurat Hun
  • Meri Shadi Ki Nahi Azadi Ki Fiker Karo

No matter you agree or not, this trend needs to be ended right away and we must understand that both genders have their own rights as defined by Islam. Definitely men can’t give birth to a child, so there is a need to develop an understanding that both the genders have their own characteristics and we can’t compare them with each other.

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