Pakistani Student Walking Over 4,000 Km in 6 Months to Perform Hajj


In a remarkable feat of determination and faith, Usman Arshad, a Pakistani student hailing from Okara, has accomplished an extraordinary journey by walking over 4,000 kilometers in six months to reach the holy city of Makkah for the Hajj pilgrimage. Usman’s inspiring endeavor began in October 2022 and took him through Pakistan, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates, culminating in his arrival in the revered city of Makkah.

The Journey Begins

Usman’s incredible pilgrimage was not his first foray into long-distance walking. The idea of embarking on this arduous challenge came to him in 2021 when he undertook a 34-day journey, covering a staggering distance of 1,270 kilometers from Okara to the Khunjerab Pass near the Chinese border. This initial expedition aimed to promote a positive image of Pakistan and instill a sense of unity and determination among its citizens.

Preparation and Support

Undertaking such a demanding journey required meticulous preparation and unwavering determination. Usman’s family played a pivotal role in supporting his ambition, both emotionally and practically. They stood by him, providing encouragement and the necessary resources to ensure his safety and well-being throughout his arduous trek.

The Road Less Traveled

Usman’s expedition took him through diverse landscapes, cultures, and climates. From the vast expanses of Pakistan to the rugged terrains of Iran and the modern urban environments of the United Arab Emirates, he encountered numerous challenges along the way. Yet, his unwavering spirit and unwavering faith propelled him forward, reminding him of the ultimate goal that awaited him at the end of his journey.

A Journey of Faith and Fulfillment

Finally, after six months of relentless walking, Usman arrived at the sacred destination of Makkah, a place of immense spiritual significance for Muslims around the world. With each step he took, he drew closer to fulfilling his dream of participating in the Hajj pilgrimage, a pinnacle of devotion and worship for Muslims. The physical exertion, sacrifices, and perseverance were all testaments to his unwavering faith and determination.

Inspiration and Hope

Usman’s incredible achievement serves as an inspiration to countless individuals, transcending boundaries and reminding us of the extraordinary power of human resilience. His journey symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the Pakistani people and their unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness.


Usman Arshad’s remarkable journey of over 4,000 kilometers in six months to reach Makkah for the Hajj pilgrimage stands as a testament to human determination, faith, and devotion. His unwavering spirit, supported by the love and encouragement of his family, propelled him through diverse landscapes and challenges, ultimately leading to the fulfillment of his lifelong dream. Usman’s remarkable feat serves as a source of inspiration and hope, reminding us that with unwavering determination, no goal is beyond reach, and no distance too great to overcome in the pursuit of our dreams.

M Ramzan
M Ramzan
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