Today Petrol & Diesel Price In Pakistan – 01 October 2023


A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Fuel Prices in Pakistan

In a significant development, the caretaker Government of Pakistan has announced a reduction in the prices of Petrol and High-Speed Diesel (HSD) for the next fortnight, starting from October 1, 2023, until October 15, 2023. This move aims to provide relief to the citizens amidst fluctuating international petroleum prices and improved exchange rates. In this article, we will dive deep into the details of the latest price changes, their implications, and what led to this decision.

Key Highlights

Let’s start with the key highlights of this announcement:

  • Petrol prices have been reduced by Rs. 8.00 per litre.
  • High-Speed Diesel (HSD) prices have been lowered by Rs. 11.00 per litre.
  • The new Petrol price stands at Rs. 323.38 per litre.
  • High-Speed Diesel (HSD) will now cost Rs. 318.18 per litre.

Understanding the Price Changes

To grasp the significance of these changes, we need to compare them with the previous prices. In the last fortnight review, the caretaker Federal Government had increased the Petrol price by Rs. 26.02 per litre, and High-Speed Diesel (HSD) witnessed a hike of Rs. 17.34 per litre. As a result, both commodities were priced at Rs. 331.38 per litre and Rs. 329.18 per litre, respectively.

What Prompted the Change?

The decision to revise consumer prices of petroleum products was influenced by variations in international prices of petroleum products and improvements in the exchange rate. These factors collectively led the Government of Pakistan to make this adjustment in fuel prices.

Effective Date

These changes will be effective from October 1, 2023, for the first half of the month, providing immediate relief to consumers at fuel pumps across Pakistan.

Notification Details

Here is a copy of the official notification regarding the price changes:

Today Petrol & Diesel Price In Pakistan - 01 October 2023
Today Petrol & Diesel Price In Pakistan – 01 October 2023

FAQ Section

Let’s address some common questions about these fuel price changes:

Q: How often are fuel prices revised in Pakistan? Fuel prices in Pakistan are usually revised every fortnight, with adjustments made to align with international market trends.

Q: How are fuel prices determined in Pakistan? Fuel prices in Pakistan are determined based on various factors, including international oil prices, exchange rates, and taxation policies.

Q: Will these price changes affect other commodities’ prices in Pakistan? While fuel prices can have an indirect impact on transportation costs, the extent of the influence on other commodities varies.

Q: Are there any government subsidies on fuel prices in Pakistan? The government occasionally provides subsidies to mitigate the impact of price fluctuations, but these subsidies may change over time.

Q: What can consumers do to cope with fuel price fluctuations? To cope with fuel price fluctuations, consumers can consider adopting fuel-efficient driving habits, carpooling, and using public transportation when possible.

Q: How can I stay updated on future fuel price changes in Pakistan? You can stay informed about fuel price changes by following official government announcements, checking with local fuel stations, or using mobile apps that provide real-time price updates.


In conclusion, the reduction in Petrol and High-Speed Diesel (HSD) prices in Pakistan from October 1, 2023, is a welcome relief for consumers. These changes reflect the government’s efforts to balance the impact of international price variations and exchange rate improvements. As consumers, staying informed and adopting fuel-efficient practices can help mitigate the effects of fuel price fluctuations.

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